World’s first energy manufacturer to integrate AI

Intelligent customer and service support with GPT-4 integration makes phone calls to your support unnecessary. Seven thermal sensors constantly monitor the temperature of each battery cell and the Sigen AI learns the behavior patterns and can predict potential failure and shut off a battery module before any thermal event or any damage can even happen.


System optimization

By leveraging cloud computing, big data & machine learning, all aspects and real-time status of deployed systems are visible to you and your customers.

The system is smart enough to self-detect any issues and even self-evolve to help owners optimize energy usage and savings.


Battery safety

Battery safety is Sigenergy's top priority.

High-temperature resistance insulated pads are attached to the inner walls of packs for excellent insulation performance.

Internal fire extinguisher neutralizes flammable gases and reduces thermal runway in 4 seconds.

Aerogel insulated pads effectively prevent heat spread between battery cells, while the decompression valve releases potentially dangerous inner pack pressure when triggered.

Additionally, there are 7 built-in temperature sensors for real-time temperature detection, which, thanks to the AI learning capabilities, spot patterns and can prevent any failures.