Solar energy is a must-have.

Sunlumo Trading stands for a unique combination of trading and of R&D activities.

Sunlumo Trading offers support and advice in all trading issues for innovative and sustainable products; these include flat-plate collectors, solar-thermal systems, evacuated tube collectors and photovoltaic systems.


Valentin Software

Sunlumo has successfully secured the distribution rights for a solar energy simulation software developed by Valentin Software. Sunlumo offers this unique service in China, India and Austria.

The simulation software enables both perfect planning and professional design of photovoltaic and solar-thermal systems. Upon entering a number of parameters about location and consumption, the system ensures correct dimensioning of the collector panel and storage system. Other features comprise the calculation of insolation, system yield, contribution margin, utilization ratio, CO2 reduction and pay-off period.



Energy-efficient motors for biomass heating systems

Sunlumo is the exclusive sales partner of a Chinese OEM manufacturer of electric geared motors.

The highly efficient motors are used in biomass boilers such as pellet or woodchip heating systems. The engines are offered exclusively by Sunlumo in German-speaking countries and are already being used successfully by well-known customers.



Innovative tool for searching for cell breaks in photovoltaic systems

Sunlumo CC-BLADE allows a single person to find and mark faulty modules with a throughput of approximately 300 kWp/hour in the field. The quick inspection tool for solar parks and roof-mounted systems is used for preventive maintenance with the naked eye and will soon be available exclusively from Sunlumo Trading. Sunlumo CC-BLADE can be used by O&M teams, plant operators, technicians, experts or researchers.  Sunlumo CC-BLADE