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Sunlumo Technology

The Sunlumo team has set itself the goal of developing the One World Solar System for everyone. This plan has brought together partners with many years of experience in the industry. A unique competence network extending through business and science is used for this task. 

General manager and partner Robert Buchinger already has nearly two decade of experience in the industry. His activities include the management of a successful Austrian solar collector production facility. In his last position he was a consultant and the head of the internationally active consulting agency the Competence Center for Renewable Energy. He plays a leading role in several European and Austrian interest groups. An experienced young Austrian entrepreneur he brings in an unusual linking of competences in technical know-how, marketing and economy.

His German partner Markus Barek has been a successful enterpreur in the solar energy industry for many years. The graduate business mathematician is the Sunlumo CVO and project manager. Markus Barek has built-up and managed two successful solar energy companies over the past ten years. He is a member of leading international scientific and professional organisations for advanced technologies including the Chinese "Renewable Energies Association". The expert in solar technology has concentrated his efforts over the past years on the development of advanced components for the solar industry.


Ing. Robert Buchinger
CEO, Partner
TEL +43 7262 9396 - 4000
Dipl.math.OEC Markus  Barek
CVO, Partner
TEL +43 7262 9396 - 4000