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Our success story. Since 2009.


  • Sunlumo will represent Sigenergy and act as its official distributor for Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Serbia, offering the most advanced home and business energy solutions, including energy storage batteries, solar inverters, and EV chargers.

  • Sunlumo works with industry partners in consulting projects on vacuum tube collectors, heat pumps, market research, import/export in Asia.
  • Sunlumo expands its range of services and offers the conception and design of e-learning courses in various industries.

  • The Sunlumo retail division experiences further growth
  • The energy efficient motors for biomass heating systems are distributed EU-wide
  • With Sunlumo CC-BLADE, another innovative tool is added to the Sunlumo retail division
  • Sunlumo starts a basic project in the field of biocomposites to develop novel composites based on biopolymers

  • Sunlumo is working on a feasibility study for novel photovoltaic modules based on polymer materials
  • The basic research on polymer materials for photovoltaic applications has been successfully completed

  • SolPol-4/5 report attests outstanding sustainability of the One World Solar System by life cycle assessment
  • Studies of technology transfer possibilities of the developed composite lightweight designs into new fields of application
  • A polymer made mounting system for solar collectors is developed within the research project SolPol-4/5
  • In the project SolPort, prototype construction of a polymer made heat exchanger and hot water storage has started
  • The One World Solar System has been awarded with the special prize VERENA within the Austrian State Prize for innovation

  • Under the title SolPort, work on a polymer made heat exchanger and storage solution has begun
  • Sunlumo presents the Pay-Per-Heat financing model PAYOUSE for emerging and developing markets
  • SolCode, an app for mobilde devices is developed. SolCode is used for controlling and monitoring of solar heating and photovoltaic elements of the solar system.
  • The One World Solar System, the first solar cycle made by up to 100% from polymer materials is realised
  • Successful pilot series production of a polymer made pumping group within the project SolStream
  • The project SolarPipe - piping for solar heating systems - is successfully implemented as a pilot series
  • Energy Globe Upper Austria in the category Sustainable Plastics for the One World Solar Collector
  • Green Product Design Award for the One World Solar Collector, exhibition on Stockholm Design Week

  • Solar Keymark certification for the One World Solar Collector.
  • German Federal Ecodesign Award for the One World Solar Collector
  • Start of R&D project "SolStream: Plastic components for solar pumps"
  • Sunlumo explores the opportunity to combine plastic solar collectors with photovoltaics in project SolPol
  • Sunlumo follows governemental delegation together with Austrian Minister Sebastian Kurz to India
  • Project "SolarPipe - Solar Thermal Plastic Pipes" is initiated.
  • Membership at IEA-SHC Task 54: Price Reduction for Solar Thermal Systems
  • Enty into the "SolPol-4/5" consortium and work package leader

  • Production of the One World Solar Collector pilot series.
  • World premiere of One World Solar Collector at Fakuma fair.
  • Research project "SolPol-2" in for completion after 4 years.
  • Sunlumo to expand distributor network for simulation and layout software in India.

  • Sunlumo opens new office in Hangzhou, China.
  • Start of pilot series production of the One World Solar Collector.
  • Sunlumo becomes member in IEA SHC Task 39: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications
  • New R&D projects for solar thermal components made of plastic materials.

  • Start-up R&D project MidTempColl: Vacuum solar collectors for large-scale installations
  • Sunlumo produce an e-mobility advisory study as an constultant for leading German automotive supplier.
  • Markus Barek settle down with his family in China to expand the China business unit  
  • Sunlumo opens new office in San Diego, USA  
  • Sunlumo follows governemental delegation together with  Austrian Minister Doris Bures to India
  • Sunlumo become sales agent for Valentin Software in India and China
  • Sunlumo had speech at international conference in Gleisdorf, Austria: Solarthermal as a lifestyle product.

  • Sunlumo expands and strengthens its team – our Industrial Design Department goes into operation.
  • Participation in the SME Thermal Berlin Conference panel discussion on the coming role of plastics in solar technology.
  • The innovative company is presented for the first time at a major international energy exhibition in China.
  • Sunlumo reinforces the Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH Plastics Cluster and the Design and Media Network.
  • Sunlumo completes the research and development work for the One World Solar Collector. Sunlumo brings one of Europe’s leading mechanical engineers on board for the implementation of this task.
  • Sunlumo makes continuing major strides in developing business relations and contacts in the world’s fastest growing economies with own representations in China and India.
  • Robert Buchinger and Markus Barek are appointed DIN CERTCO approved auditors for Solar Keymark certifications in December 2011.
  • Consultancy appointment to one of the largest international corporations in China.
  • R&D cooperation contract with on of the biggest solar thermal producer in China.
  • Start-up of the “SolarDrain” Project on the stagnation protection issue for large-scale installations.

  • Sunlumo wins the Upper Austrian Business Founder Award 2010 from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
  • The company carries out ground-breaking research on new materials for solar collector production.
  • Development research thrust on “solar process heat”.
  • Cooperation with the Schwäbisch Gmünd School of Design, Germany. They take on the design study for the One World Solar Collector.
  • Sunlumo works on feasibility studies for the use of commodity polymers in solar thermal technology as part of the “Solar Compound” project.
  • Working group leadership for the scientific project “Solpol – Solar Thermal Systems in Polymer Materials”.
  • The company becomes a major headline maker in the green technology research and development sector.
  • Sunlumo joins the Federal President of Switzerland on an official delegation to EXPO Shanghai.

  • Sunlumo Technology GmbH opens its headquarters at Perg Technology Center, Austria.
  • Intensive research and development for the One World Solar Collector.