Sunlumo CC-BLADE: Innovative tool for searching for cell cracks in photovoltaic plants

The quick inspection tool for solar parks and roof-mounted systems is used for preventive maintenance with the naked eye and will soon be available exclusively from Sunlumo Trading.

Sunlumo CC-BLADE detects cell cracks with a specially developed UV LED and light filter technology. A defined ultraviolet light spectrum shows cell breaks and failure patterns in glass-foil modules with crystalline solar cells (mono or multi).
With CC-BLADE, Sunlumo offers a cost-effective, mobile and portable tool for rapid testing of solar cells, which is driven by a transportable battery pack. Sunlumo CC-BLADE allows a single person to find and mark defective modules with a throughput of approximately 300 kWp/hour in the field. In addition to the visual inspection with the naked eye, images can be taken with a conventional digital camera during long-term exposure.
Sunlumo CC-BLADE can be used by O&M teams, plant operators, technicians, experts or researchers.

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