Solar design software opens up new opportunities

The new version of the PV*SOL premium 2018 design software offers an even broader range of possibilities for the detailed configuration and simulation of PV systems.

For the input of object data, 3D models in different file formats can now be imported into the new Valentin software via an additional interface. This feature enables the import of realistic and detailed 3D objects created using photos taken from different perspectives, including images taken by drones. Up to now, it was only possible to import floor plans, cadastral maps and screenshots from web-based satellite maps.

With the new PV*SOL premium 2018 software, users can process this data for 3D visualization and integrate it to scale into a project. The design software now also enables polystring configuration to connect completely different strings in parallel or in series to one MPP tracker. These added features vastly increase the flexibility of the design process and allow for an even more detailed configuration and simulation of PV systems. With the new energy flow diagram, customers can clearly see where each individual kWh in the PV system comes from and where it goes.