Polymeric tubes for solar plants a big market

Sunlumo is testing various temperature-resistant materials for usability in plastic tubes for solar units.

The research and development project is supported by a co-funding programme of Upper Austria called easy2innovate.
Polymeric tubing has a great potential for application in solar thermal plants. Sunlumo’s project team has estimated the short-term demand to be several million metres worldwide. The tubes can be used in open loop and closed loop systems and are easy and fast to assemble. In addition, plastic is considerably more light-weight and less expensive than copper or steel. Production costs could be more than halved. Sunlumo is currently doing research on temperature-resistant materials to be used as plastic tubing for solar plants. The intention is to have a fitting technique that is easy to handle while also ensuring faster and more precise assembly. Sunlumo’s project is co-financed by easy2innovate, a co-funding programme of Upper Austria.
Globally speaking, the demand for polymeric tubing for utilities has reached very high levels. One reason for this trend is the increased construction in China and the USA. Polymeric materials are particularly attractive because of the reduced production costs.

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