The world’s first 5-in-1 home energy system

SigenStor is state-of-the-art in home energy systems, incorporating a PV inverter, a battery PCS, an EV DC bi-directional charger, an EMS system, and the battery modules. Ultra-fast installation, maximum safety and intelligence.

SigenStor is an AI-optimized 5-in-one green energy system that brings your solar dream to reality, helping you achieve energy independence with maximum efficiency, savings, flexibility and resilience.


Scalable on demand

Whether for home or business, its unique modular and stackable design allows it to be truly scalable on demand and flexible in configuration.

For commercial applications, you can connect multiple SigenStors in parallel to meet your capacity needs.

Some of the advantages include:

  • multiple-system boot-up sources
  • 15 minutes stackable installation (replacing hand-wiring and saving installation time)
  • 5 minutes fast commissioning
  • 2 minutes OTA system upgrade
  • 1-click full system scan
  • connecting multiple SigenStors in parallel*
  • no cask effect
  • simplified warehouse management (thanks to the modularity)

*You can connect up to 10 6-battery stacks for a maximum of 250 kW on the inverter side and 480 kW on the battery side. For off-grid systems, there is a solution where you can stack 3 of the 6-battery stacks together to yield a maximum battery capacity of 144 kWh.