Sunlumo works on plastic PV modules

A feasibility study is being carried out to further expand the leading position in the field of polymer materials for solar applications.

The subject of the study are novel photovoltaic modules based on polymer materials.
Already during Sunlumo's many years of research and development work on the "One World Solar Collector" a comprehensive knowledge base, unique in this field, was developed. The acquired expertise and long-term experience in the field of polymer materials for solar applications as well as the comprehensive competence network now represent the decisive knowledge advantage.
A new type of photovoltaic solar module in plastic construction is to be realised, which has considerable price and quality advantages over previous solar modules. For this purpose, a functional structure made of polymer materials is to be developed in which standard polycrystalline or monocrystalline photovoltaic cells can be integrated.
The objectives of the study at a glance:

  • Lowering the price level for high-quality photovoltaic modules
  • Use of new materials and innovative design for significant weight reduction
  • Designed for industrial manufacturability in very large quantities
  • Reduction of energy and resource consumption in solar modules & systems
  • Opening up new sales markets and new application scenarios