Solar-thermal 4.0: self-optimization, self-diagnosis, and cognition

Experts see solar-thermal 4.0 as a great opportunity for the solar industry.

After successful mechanisation and digitalisation in recent years, step number four, i.e. solar-thermal 4.0, is to introduce much more intelligent automation. Concretely speaking, it means the merging of up-to-date information or communication technologies with production processes. The automation method required is to become more “intelligent” through self-optimization, self-diagnosis, and cognition in order to support the human workforce with its complex tasks.
Solar-thermal 4.0 does not mean that people will take second place. Workers will actively intervene in real production processes and partake in ensuring dynamic production. Solar-thermal 4.0 comes with huge potential. The system has been designed to meet customer requirements and ensures economically viable production, even of single units. Production costs for polymer-based solar collectors can thus be reduced by up to fifty per cent. Plastic-based solar-thermal systems are more functionable and visually more attractive to produce. In future, solar heat will thus come in new shapes and in a new design.