Plastic-based solar collector under practice test

The One World Solar Collector is currently undergoing field tests to examine it also in practice.

For Sunlumo, field testing is yet another important step on the way to manufacturing the polymer-based collector novelty. After passing a whole range of in-house and external tests, the One World Solar Collector now goes into the field testing phase. Sunlumo has installed the first field test devices for the new plastic collector. Tests include the monitoring, testing and documenting of water heating units. The results will provide findings about possible yields. At the same time, these tests allow us to collect useful information regarding the performance of the One World Solar Collector.
Field testing means that the One World Solar Collector is tested under reality conditions. During these test phases, it is possible to make improvements to the innovation that is entirely manufactured out of polymeric materials. In its optimized form, the One World Solar Collector will take the next step toward serial production.