One World Solar System: Sunlumo now focusing on knowledge transfer

The green-tech company from Upper Austria has already led the One World Solar Collector to success and is now aiming to introduce a complete solar system made from plastic, as part of an optimally organised network.

Sunlumo will, as of now, function as a “power hub” for knowledge transfer and bring its cross-linked international project  management into play. Values such as innovation, sustainability, and fun are keywords in the world of the solar pros.

The One World Solar System is bound to take the  solar industry a great leap forward. The cost-effective production of this plastic system also helps to meet the big demand for solar panels in emerging and developing markets. Solar system components für heating and energy production will be within everyone’s reach in a near future.

The  advantages of the One World Solar System are obvious: plastic is cheaper and weighs less than copper or aluminium. In addition, solar systems will be more functional, more visually attractive, and above all more affordable to produce. Experts think that their cost price can be reduced by up to 70 per cent compared to traditional systems. Cost-effective polymeric materials will in  future dominate the market and the production of mass products. In addition, plastic-based systems withstand thermal and climatic impact, and they are easy to assemble and recycle in an eco-friendly manner.