New member of the Steering Committee team

Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger has recently been asked to join the Steering Committee of the European Solar Thermal Technology Platform (ESTTP).

The Steering Committee has an active role in managing and supporting the efforts of the Solar Thermal Technology Panel on the RHC platform. The Steering Committee currently has 13 members from a total of 9 nations. All members have extensive knowledge in the solar thermal field. The team makes contributions to research and development activities and to the European Market Development Roadmap. Key contents of the “Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap” include the definition of the status quo, the identification of the market potential for relevant technologies, the depiction of technological development, and activities required for the implementation of these tasks. The ESTTP was initiated in June 2005 on the occasion of estec, the 2nd European Solar Thermal Energy Conference in Freiburg, Germany. Its goals are to promote networking activities between research and business entities, to improve coordination of European R&D issues, and to build a common presence in order to demonstrate unity and strength. The Solar Panel is part of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC). The members of the platform endeavour to jointly find the optimal solutions for the use of renewable energies in both the heating and cooling of buildings.