Austrian technology making way for an affordable and sustainable energy supply

energy innovation austria: Solar heating - a technology of the future: Publication from Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

With the implementation of this innovative plastic-based collector, the green tech company also complies with the political goals of the United Nations geared to sustainable development on the economic, social, and ecological levels. One of the 17 principles of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and state-of-theart energy. Plastic-based collectors enable important savings for solar systems. The goal is to provide solar water heaters starting at 180 euros on a worldwide basis, with a cost of energy of 1 cent per kWh. Pumped offgrid systems are an alternative to the current low-priced thermo-syphon systems. The solar water heater is affordable for everyone, while also offering higher comfort and better hygienic conditions. The innovation could be used to support the energy supply in cities, rural areas, and in off-grid systems. These autonomous systems ensure the supply of energy also through weaker networks. With the implementation of the plastic-based collector, Sunlumo is well on its way toward making sustainable energy available and affordable for all.


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