Turnkey production plants for manufacturing plastic solar collectors

Sunlumo is a universal supplier of the expertise for the production processes of the One World Solar Collector.

Perg, 21 May 2015 – "The production plants comprise component plastic production and assembly stations for the entire collector," says Robert Buchinger. Sunlumo supports successful production of the One World Solar Collector with a unique step-by-step programme. Together with interested companies, Sunlumo defines output volumes and capacities for the turnkey plants, which are supplied tailor-made. Sunlumo supports production of the plastic collectors from plant commissioning through to the finished product. The company's services also include training plus functional and quality tests. "Customers benefit from perfectly coordinated manufacturing processes and our long-standing expertise," the solar professional adds. Plants can be supplied tailor-made to customer requirements, with production capacities of between 100 and 350 MWth.

Important tests passed successfully

"All production processes for the One World Solar Collector are on schedule," Robert Buchinger emphasises. The pilot series has already been successfully produced. The plastic collector has successfully passed tests on the solar test bed at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). These included simulation of compressive and tensile loads caused by extreme snow and wind conditions.

Integrated research and development work

Sunlumo began research and development work on the One World Solar Collector five years ago. The goal was an inexpensive plastic collector capable of fully automatic mass production. At the same time, the company is playing a leading role in integrated research and development work. Interested investors are invited to visit Sunlumo in Perg. Here they can take a detailed look at the collector and the fully automatic production line.