The One World Solar Collector, a solar technology for the future

Low-cost all-plastic collector presented in latest brochure of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Sunlumo’s One World Solar Collector is featured in the latest issue of “energy innovation austria” as an innovative product. The article highlights the low-cost production of the polymeric collector, a resource-conserving alternative to conventional collector systems, as well as its intended application in emerging and developing markets. The brochure appears in four to six issues a year and is published by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, together with the Climate and Energy Fund.

“The presentation of our innovative solar collector in this brochure is a highly positive incentive for our future work,” says Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger. “energy innovation austria” is published according to demand up to six times a year by the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Innovation and Technology, and the Climate and Energy Fund. Issue 1/2016 presents current developments and examples of sustainable energy technologies, such as the EU project InSun “Solar thermal technology for industrial process heat”, a concept for supplying the city of Graz with heating based on solar energy; or the large research project SolPol “Polymeric innovations for solar engineering”. The One World Solar Collector is honoured by the current issue as a low-cost solar system suited to providing energy worldwide.

Reaching German- and English-speaking markets

The article in “energy innovation austria” reports that Sunlumo is working on the rollout of a low-cost plastic-based collector. Individual components of the innovative collector are currently produced by suppliers based in various locations in Italy, Austria, and Germany. A pre-production run will be assembled in Austria. To minimise production costs, Sunlumo has developed an approach for automating collector fabrication. Other features are Sunlumo’s turn-key factories for producing the new collector, and the German Ecodesign prize awarded to Sunlumo last year for its innovative research work. “energy innovation austria” is published in German and English, with a circulation of 7 000 copies a year. The brochure is distributed to subscribers and visitors at events hosted and/or attended by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, and/or the Climate and Energy Fund.