Sunlumo to expand distributor network for simulation and layout software

Sunlumo’s software for innovative simulation programs in the field of sustainable energy supplies is now on the market.

Perg, 10 March 2014 –  “These simulation programs for use in photovoltaic and solar-thermal systems have been developed for heating installers, designers, and technicians,” explains Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger. ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the perfect partner that Sunlumo had been looking for in order to efficiently optimize and visualize solar systems in the Indian market. Upon entering parameters about the location, consumption and system type, the simulation programs calculate irradiation, system yields, profit margins, utilization ratios, CO2 savings and payback times. A layout assistant provides optimal system configurations.

Customer satisfaction through exact analysis and design

ADS is a channel partner of the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy in India. The progressive and dynamic green-tech company offers innovative solutions in the renewable energies sector and is known for its great price/performance ratio. ADS offers Design Optimisation Consultancy to many clients and companies to improve the performance of their solar plant. Before their design and implementation, the projects are analysed and planned in all detail by members of the ADS staff. This in-depth preparation approach guarantees high customer satisfaction and optimized budgeting processes.

Distributing also in Japan and Africa

Sunlumo will in future expand its partnership with ADS to Japan and Southern parts of Africa. “We have recently secured the distribution rights for Valentin Software in these countries,” Robert Buchinger says. ADS will ensure training for the simulation programs through its offices in the various countries. Valentin Software is the world’s leading provider of innovative design software programs for a sustainable energy supply. The German company looks back on a successful history of more than 20 years.