Successful presentation: Major interest in the One World Solar Collector at the Fakuma trade fair

The One World Solar Collector celebrated its world premiere at the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen.

Perg/Friedrichshafen, 15 October 2014 – On 14 October the One World Solar Collector, which is made of 100 percent plastic, was presented to the global public for the first time at Fakuma. Visitors to the presentation of the innovative collector are convinced, “With this new technology Sunlumo has succeeded in making a major technological breakthrough in the solar industry.” The One World Solar Collector made of polymer materials is lightweight and can be easily mounted and recycled. A fully automated production facility manufactures approximately 500,000 collectors per year. “In the future, solar thermal energy systems made of plastic can be more functional, more visually attractive and above all produced more economically,” explained Robert Buchinger, Managing Director of Sunlumo. The One World Solar Collector is resistant to thermal and climatic impacts and supports hot water preparation as well as heating systems.

 The aim is the mass production of a more inexpensive collector, which could be manufactured entirely automatically

Following the successful pilot series, work is now being done on realising the One World Solar Collector. Interested investors are being invited to visit Sunlumo in Perg. Details on the collector and the fully automated production line can be viewed on site. The team is addressing specific options for implementation. The aim of the collaboration is the mass production of a more inexpensive collector, which can be produced entirely automatically.

 Modular, fully automated production facility for plastic collectors

Parallel to the One World Solar Collector Sunlumo is developing a design for a fully automated production. The main consideration is that only an integrated product concept can ensure cost benefits in the production. In the highest developmental stage the green technology company from Upper Austria offers a perfectly elaborated design for a fully integrated production – from processing the plastic granulates to manufacturing components all the way up to assembling the completed solar collectors.