One World Solar Collector to collect Federal Ecodesign Award

German Federal Minister for the Environment, Dr. Barbara Hendricks, presented Sunlumo with the Federal Ecodesign Award in the “Product” category on 23 November this year, in the Ministry building in Berlin. It is the first solar heating product to receive the Ecodesign award.

Perg/Berlin, 24 November 2015 – German Federal Minister for the Environment, Dr. Barbara Hendricks, granted Sunlumo the Federal Ecodesign Award at the Federal Ministry in Berlin for the One World Solar Collector in the “Product” category. “This prize is a premiere“, Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger reports. It is the first solar heating product to be recognized, since the prize was introduced. Sunlumo shares this distinction with a number of reputed brands such as Kärcher, Still, Siemens or Hilti, all winners in recent years.  Ecodesign stands for innovative products, services, and concepts featuring outstanding ecological quality, an innovative approach, and a high-end design. This year 288 projects were entered in four categories: product, service, concept, and young talent. About 50% of the applications passed the first round, a total of 33 projects were nominated for the Federal Award. “Our vision – for the One World Solar Collector to be the cheapest option for a global energy supply – convinced the jury right away”, says Robert Buchinger. The holistic design approach makes it possible to reduce production costs by half, compared to other customary products on the market. The product “solar collector” is thus given a new and self-assertive image.

Sunlumo working on components for polymer-based solar systems

Sunlumo is currently doing research on the implementation of components for plastic-based solar heating systems. Our goal is to have cost-effective solar systems for water heating. The advantages are clear: for one thing, production costs could be reduced by up to 70%, and the units will weigh considerably less and will thus be easier to transport and assemble. Doing research on this project is a logical step toward our idea of providing solar energy for everyone. Pumped systems would be an attractive alternative to thermosiphon systems that are world standard today.

A technological leap in the solar industry

With Sunlumo’s One World Solar Collector, the solar sector has made a big technological step forward. Based on polymeric materials, the collector is light-weight and easy to assemble. Any fully automated production site will be able to produce approx. 500,000 collector units a year. Polymer-based solar systems will thus be more functional, more visually attractive, and above all, more economical to produce. This world novelty is resistant to thermic and climatic stress and supports both water heating and room heating systems.