Innovative plastic collector now with Solar Keymark certification

Sunlumo celebrates a further world sensation with its One World Solar Collector: this is the first time that a 100% polymer-based collector from Europe was awarded with Solar Keymark certification.

Perg, 28 October 2015 – “To be recorded as bearing Solar Keymark certification, the One World Solar Collector had to pass a full test, as specified in the EN12975 standard in force, and to withstand quality assurance in manufacturing.” The pilot series was manufactured by licensee One Sun One World GmbH. Their quality management level meets the requirements of EN ISO 9000: an accredited testing lab takes collector specimens from a production batch. This procedure is only one certification criterion among others. Both the product and the manufacturing process are regularly checked by independent institutions. Every product alteration must be recorded with the institution.

Intelligent product design to reduce material input

Holistic evaluation of the product concept – a completely novel approach – led to the implementation of a new collector model as a result of the industrial design process. Instead of the usual 15 to 20 kilograms per square meter, the plastic-based One World Solar Collector only weighs 8.1 kilograms. In the course of Solar Keymark testing, the polymeric collector was exposed to more than twice the load required by the testing standards for snow, and has yielded excellent results. Even after applying this load, the collector remained undamaged and continued to function properly. Among other things, the tests concerned internal pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, internal and external thermal shock, impact strength, heating performance, over-temperature protection, and pressure resistance. It was the first time that an external testing institute officially confirmed the suitability of this lightweight design for the new collectors.

Turnkey factories for producing polymer-based collectors

Sunlumo issues licenses for the realisation of the innovative One World Solar Collector and also supplies turnkey factories. The factories are available with different levels of automation. Production sites can be customized to clients’ needs, with annual production capacities ranging from 100 to 350 MWth.