World Wide Waste

The problem of global environmental pollution from plastic waste is well known. The causal problem is that in many places no value is attached to plastic after its use by the end consumer (so-called post-consumer waste).

Plastic is a valuable resource that should be reused. Not only for environmental reasons, but also because of the value of the raw materials and the energy contained in the material.

So the question is how to give "waste" plastic a universal value in order to motivate people to recycle, and reuse plastics themselves. This is particularly true in regions where the necessary infrastructure for waste separation and centralised, industrial recycling does not exist.

At Sunlumo we have long been concerned with the topics of plastics and the environment, resource and value. Particularly in the area of post-consumer waste and pollution, we do not believe that there is a single mega-solution to the problem, a utopian system that cleans it all up again. Since then, our approach has been not one of a centralized solution, but one of a decentralized one. An innovative One World solution is not based on a few, but on many actors in many places.

We believe that plastics would increase in value for people if the "monopoly" of the plastics industry was not reserved for the big players - if the recycling of plastic waste and the production of new plastic products were also possible for small players. It is not a large corporation that should benefit from the urban mining of plastic waste, but the small local communities and the people on the spot.

This is why we are currently working more intensively on concepts for projects, materials, machines and system solutions for micro-business models, in order to produce valuable new goods and commercial products for local value creation from the resources that are lost in many places in the so-called plastic waste. These systems could not only create jobs and contribute to social development, but also finally give plastics the value they should have - far too valuable to be disposed of in the environment.

World Wide Waste