Sunlumo Competence: Instructional Design

Soon, eLearning, for example for online training and courses or to explain technologies and processes, can be ordered from Sunlumo. Of course, individual industrial illustrations can also be ordered separately.

Instructional Design includes the systematic planning, process and evaluation of a learning environment and learning content. The goal is always to enhance the competencies of the learner. In concrete terms, this means designing the framework conditions, for example in eLearning format, and conveying the content in an ideal way, for example through illustrations, thus ensuring learning success.

Classic communication design has always been a high priority at Sunlumo. In order to convey the often very technical topics that Sunlumo Technology deals with in an easily understandable way and thus explain them to a broad audience, a broad spectrum of skills is required.

The design skills that distinguish the Sunlumo team in the field of communication range from industrial illustrations, such as CAD renderings, animations, concept art and vector illustration, to graphic design for digital and print media, and user interface designs for smartphone apps.

What is new is that Sunlumo is now using these skills in the field of Instructional Design as well and offers these services, eLearning and industrial illustration, separately for customers.