SolPol - Polymeric materials in solar-thermal applications

Sunlumo contributes its expertise in R&D project

The full potential for polymeric materials in solar-thermal applications is still to be explored. The current project SolPol 4/5 deals with the development of solar collectors based on plastic, with a focus on budget pumped solar systems as opposed to non-pumped systems. Nowadays, thermal collectors and collector systems are produced in both time- and cost-expensive processes, from a wide array of materials. Polymer-based systems weigh less and are more easily installed. They have a longer lifetime and a more attractive design. Another key feature is their lower cost. The project is managed by the Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing at Johannes Kepler University Linz and totals a research investment of 6.6 million euros. Sunlumo is responsible for the package WP-01. Seven science partners and eleven business partners are on board. This project allows Sunlumo to contribute its expertise and further increase its technological lead. uses cookies to provide best service for you. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy. more infos
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