SolCode to increase efficiency of solar water heaters

This spring, Sunlumo will start its SolCode project to develop a low-cost IT-based solar control system.

The goal is to make the software technology available for free, as an open source software. Efficient solar systems do work best when efficiently controlled. SolCode will be working on a universal electronic system intended for the mass market, that not only enables users to control their solar system but also allows a remote reading of measurings and to control, steer, and evaluate various functions via telecommunication. The solar control will be linked to other devices and easily integrated into home management systems. Together with a leading partner in the automotive supplier industry, XTRONIC GmbH in Böblingen, Germany, Sunlumo is pressing forward with hardware and software solutions to be made available for free. This will allow users to program additional functions as they go along. In addition, new standards for sensor linking will be defined and offered to other solar control system providers. The new technology will also be available to licensees of a solar water heater factory. The data will be centralized on Sunlumo servers and accessible for users around the clock. uses cookies to provide best service for you. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy. more infos
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