3rd Experts Meeting in Stuttgart

Sunlumo at the 3rd Experts Meeting IEA SHC Task 54

The 3rd Experts Meeting IEA SHC Task 54 from 6th to 7th October 2016 took place in Stuttgart.

Sunlumo gave one presentation to the following topic: "SMART ENERGY CONTROLLER AND PLASTIC-SOLARCOMPONENTS".

This Task aims at the purchase price reduction for end-users of installed solar thermal systems by evaluating and developing sustainable means to reduce production and/or installation costs on material, sub-component, system-component and system level. Special emphasis is placed on the identification and reduction of post-production cost drivers, e.g.channels of distribution. An extensive market research and the definition of reference systems, cost analyses, and the study of socio-political boundary conditions for solar thermal prices in selected regions will provide the basis for the evaluation of cost-structures and the cost reduction potential. Additionally, ways to make solar thermal more attractive by improved marketing and consumer-oriented design will be explored.



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