Sunlumo starts a basic project in the field of biocomposites to develop novel composites based on biopolymers

The know-how in the field of composite materials and an open eye for the problems and opportunities of this time are the driving forces at Sunlumo to get involved in the field of biocomposites and to launch a new basic project on bioplastics.

By definition, biocomposites are composite materials with at least one biogenic component. Although composites of natural fibres and traditional polymers are also included, the project focuses on composites of synthetic fibres and biopolymers as well as composites of natural fibres and biopolymers.

As is typical for Sunlumo, the new project is aimed at demonstrating innovative possibilities in the world of polymer materials. The focus is on shifting the boundaries of existing and novel bioplastics, expanding the application spectrum and finding new applications.

In the areas of consumer goods and packaging in particular, there is great potential here to conserve resources through innovative materials, to produce more sustainably and to do justice to global waste and environmental problems.