one sun
one world

Our success story. Since 2009.


  • The Sunlumo retail division experiences further growth
  • The energy efficient motors for biomass heating systems are distributed EU-wide
  • With Sunlumo CC-BLADE, another innovative tool is added to the Sunlumo retail division
  • Sunlumo starts a basic project in the field of biocomposites to develop novel composites based on biopolymers

  • Sunlumo is working on a feasibility study for novel photovoltaic modules based on polymer materials
  • The basic research on polymer materials for photovoltaic applications has been successfully completed

  • SolPol-4/5 report attests outstanding sustainability of the One World Solar System by life cycle assessment
  • Studies of technology transfer possibilities of the developed composite lightweight designs into new fields of application
  • A polymer made mounting system for solar collectors is developed within the research project SolPol-4/5
  • In the project SolPort, prototype construction of a polymer made heat exchanger and hot water storage has started
  • The One World Solar System has been awarded with the special prize VERENA within the Austrian State Prize for innovation

  • Under the title SolPort, work on a polymer made heat exchanger and storage solution has begun
  • Sunlumo presents the Pay-Per-Heat financing model PAYOUSE for emerging and developing markets
  • SolCode, an app for mobilde devices is developed. SolCode is used for controlling and monitoring of solar heating and photovoltaic elements of the solar system.
  • The One World Solar System, the first solar cycle made by up to 100% from polymer materials is realised
  • Successful pilot series production of a polymer made pumping group within the project SolStream
  • The project SolarPipe - piping for solar heating systems - is successfully implemented as a pilot series
  • Energy Globe Upper Austria in the category Sustainable Plastics for the One World Solar Collector
  • Green Product Design Award for the One World Solar Collector, exhibition on Stockholm Design Week

  • Solar Keymark certification for the One World Solar Collector.
  • German Federal Ecodesign Award for the One World Solar Collector
  • Start of R&D project "SolStream: Plastic components for solar pumps"
  • Sunlumo explores the opportunity to combine plastic solar collectors with photovoltaics in project SolPol
  • Sunlumo follows governemental delegation together with Austrian Minister Sebastian Kurz to India
  • Project "SolarPipe - Solar Thermal Plastic Pipes" is initiated.
  • Membership at IEA-SHC Task 54: Price Reduction for Solar Thermal Systems
  • Enty into the "SolPol-4/5" consortium and work package leader

  • Production of the One World Solar Collector pilot series.
  • World premiere of One World Solar Collector at Fakuma fair.
  • Research project "SolPol-2" in for completion after 4 years.
  • Sunlumo to expand distributor network for simulation and layout software in India.

  • Sunlumo opens new office in Hangzhou, China.
  • Start of pilot series production of the One World Solar Collector.
  • Sunlumo becomes member in IEA SHC Task 39: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications
  • New R&D projects for solar thermal components made of plastic materials.

  • Start-up R&D project MidTempColl: Vacuum solar collectors for large-scale installations
  • Sunlumo produce an e-mobility advisory study as an constultant for leading German automotive supplier.
  • Markus Barek settle down with his family in China to expand the China business unit  
  • Sunlumo opens new office in San Diego, USA  
  • Sunlumo follows governemental delegation together with  Austrian Minister Doris Bures to India
  • Sunlumo become sales agent for Valentin Software in India and China
  • Sunlumo had speech at international conference in Gleisdorf, Austria: Solarthermal as a lifestyle product.

  • Sunlumo expands and strengthens its team – our Industrial Design Department goes into operation.
  • Participation in the SME Thermal Berlin Conference panel discussion on the coming role of plastics in solar technology.
  • The innovative company is presented for the first time at a major international energy exhibition in China.
  • Sunlumo reinforces the Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH Plastics Cluster and the Design and Media Network.
  • Sunlumo completes the research and development work for the One World Solar Collector. Sunlumo brings one of Europe’s leading mechanical engineers on board for the implementation of this task.
  • Sunlumo makes continuing major strides in developing business relations and contacts in the world’s fastest growing economies with own representations in China and India.
  • Robert Buchinger and Markus Barek are appointed DIN CERTCO approved auditors for Solar Keymark certifications in December 2011.
  • Consultancy appointment to one of the largest international corporations in China.
  • R&D cooperation contract with on of the biggest solar thermal producer in China.
  • Start-up of the “SolarDrain” Project on the stagnation protection issue for large-scale installations.

  • Sunlumo wins the Upper Austrian Business Founder Award 2010 from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
  • The company carries out ground-breaking research on new materials for solar collector production.
  • Development research thrust on “solar process heat”.
  • Cooperation with the Schwäbisch Gmünd School of Design, Germany. They take on the design study for the One World Solar Collector.
  • Sunlumo works on feasibility studies for the use of commodity polymers in solar thermal technology as part of the “Solar Compound” project.
  • Working group leadership for the scientific project “Solpol – Solar Thermal Systems in Polymer Materials”.
  • The company becomes a major headline maker in the green technology research and development sector.
  • Sunlumo joins the Federal President of Switzerland on an official delegation to EXPO Shanghai.

  • Sunlumo Technology GmbH opens its headquarters at Perg Technology Center, Austria.
  • Intensive research and development for the One World Solar Collector.